what we do

At Eigen we solve two problems:

Rescue your inaccessible data

We connect all kinds of systems together and untangle your data to help your people better understand what is going on and improve their decision making

Free up your time

We help you do the things you don’t have time to get done internally by providing expert resources with domain expertise to design, configure and deploy industrial systems

Engineering led digital
services and software

Eigen was founded in 2007 by Process, Electrical, Mechanical and Control Engineers who have worked in Oil & Gas, Energy and Transport Operations and know how to deliver digital technology in industrial environments. We have designed and delivered integrated digital solutions from remote well monitoring to Digital Twins and real-time operational risk visualisation 

“Technology only delivers value if it drives a decision;
either a better decision or the right decision quicker

 Murray Callendar – Eigen CEO

our approach

Digital Ecosystems and Industrial Operations

At Eigen we understand the unique challenges presented by Oil and Gas operations, Power Generation, Mining and Transport. We know the complexity of the work-process involved in keeping industrial assets online. We have expert knowledge on the specialist systems involved and how to interface to them. We know you can’t just rip everything out and replace it. The team at Eigen can help you to build a digital ecosystem that helps your operations evolve to the next level.

Passionate about data quality

Your operation has a story to tell and the data is its language. At Eigen we speak data and signals. We know the difference between analogue and digital, timeseries and relational, interpolated and raw, events and limits, frequency and deadbanding. polling vs subscriptions, REST APIs vs ODBC, OPC vs MQTT.

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