My experience switching from iPhone to Android

Two months ago I switched my phone from an Apple iPhone 7 to an Android based POCO X3 NFC. At the same time one of my daughters upgraded their phone to an iPhone XR so we've been comparing experiences. So what's it been like??
Using Open Source to avoid lock-in to expensive proprietary technologies

Using Open Source to avoid lock-in to expensive proprietary technologies

I've been using Apple products since 2007. Every smart phone I've had has been an iPhone but yesterday I ordered a new Android phone. I'm so fed up with shelling out around £1000 every couple of years but I've been trapped because all my music is in iTunes, all my family have iPhones and we run Macs*. Man, I hate being locked in! I wouldn't mind…
Agile Software Development Business Internet Techology Concept

What is Agile?

You have probably heard software developers talk about being Agile, and maybe wondered what they mean. Perhaps they do star jumps and touch their toes before breakfast, or write code while limboing under desks? Well, it’s nothing like that… read…
Wintershall Dea and Eigen sign digitalisation agreement

Wintershall Dea and Eigen sign digitalisation agreement

Offshore oil and gas digitalisation software provider and systems integrator, Eigen, and independent gas and oil company, Wintershall Dea, have signed a long term agreement for the provision of services and software licences for Eigen’s Ingenuity platform and mobile apps.…
Is your Oil field being exploited at its best?

Is your Oil field being exploited at its best?

A typical question for a Petroleum Field Manager is how well the asset is being exploited and if this exploitation is efficient and generates enough value for Operator and Partners. This article explores some answers based on our understanding of…
Lake composed of Data Points

The perils of diving into data lakes

Murray Callander, Eigen, UK, explains how traditional views of big data benefits in the oilfield are giving way to the rise of micro lakes, distributed twins and distributed intelligence.Looking back over the past three or four years in the oilfield,…
What makes a good datamodel?

What makes a good datamodel?

Every Digital Twin needs a data model somewhere inside it. The Data Model is the digital map of where everything is; it’s the central reference for how everything is connected; it’s the search engine for your information.
Case Studies - Online Portal for Drilling Operations with Eigen

Eigen upgrades North Sea Grieg digital status service

Digitalization software provider Eigen has started developing a new real-time context that will be added to the barrier status panel functionality at Lundin Energy Norway’s Edvard Grieg platform in the Norwegian North Sea.This will be designed to provide instant visibility…
Internet broadband and multimedia streaming entertainment

Stop the copy-paste craze!

If you are being tasked with creating reports for management on a daily or weekly basis, you are probably extracting real time data into Excel, adding manual figures, performing calculations (efficiency, availability, etc.) and then plotting the results.
AI Big Data Technologies - Eigen

Data Myths: 3 – AI can untangle my data

Around 15 years ago Autonomy claimed this but it turned out to be a myth. In reality this is a really really hard problem for AI to solve. Here’s why, and then I’ll talk about some of the ways you…
Large Offshore oil rig drilling platform at sunset and beautiful sky in the gulf of Thailand

Eigen and Chrysaor initiate engineering support project

Offshore oil and gas digitalisation software provider and systems integrator, Eigen, has initiated an engineering support project with exploration and production company, Chrysaor. The partnership involves Eigen building process system monitoring, equipment performance monitoring and condition monitoring displays for Chrysaor’s…
Digital Consulting and Project Architecture | Eigen

A two pronged approach

Gareth Davies, Eigen, UK, discusses different process methods for achieving digitisation. Several technologies have accelerated offshore productivity and performance in recent times and these have declined substantially in cost. With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), remote sensing,…
Aerial View of Tender Drilling Oil Rig

Caspian Oil & Gas data harnessed

Eigen engineers have deployed IT infrastructure, networks, systems and specialist applications for Oil & Gas operators in the Caspian since 2003. Since then, they have been supporting advanced operational technology systems in the region with numerous upgrades and systems and…
IP21 system update and migration

Goliat Barrier Status Panel goes live

Offshore Oil and Gas digitalisation software provider Eigen, has rolled out a state-of-the-art Barrier Status Panel solution together with Eni Norge which has enhanced operational barrier management on the Goliat FPSO within weeks of going live. Delivered in close collaboration…
Digital Interfaces and Data Connectors | Eigen

Safety Barrier management in the Oil & Gas sectors

Improving productivity without jeopardising safety means Oil & Gas companies need much better control over uncertainty. To prevent accidents in the Oil & Gas and other industries, leaders need an accurate picture of their current and emerging risks, and their…
Friendly cheerful male customer support service operator man showing thumbs up in call centre.

A day in the life of Digital Chris

Digital Chris is a very valuable person. He’s what’s referred to as a “Barrel Chaser” he’s the trouble shooter, the ideas man, the guy that gets things done. A friend of mine runs operations for one of the larger players…
Custom Development and Web Applications | Eigen

New Tech to Help Offshore Oil & Gas Workers

New wearables and App technology to provide real-time information access for offshore oil and gas platform managers and operatives. Eigen, an offshore oil and gas digitalisation software provider and systems integrator, working in partnership with Lundin Norway has created a…
Digital Interfaces and Data Connectors | Eigen

Eigen Opens Aberdeen Office

Eigen, the Offshore Oil and Gas digitalisation software provider and systems integrator, has today opened a new office in Aberdeen. Headed up by a new Head of North Sea Sales, the new presence adds to its existing UK HQ in…

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