Data Myths: 5 – You will be more efficient if you employ AI

Ok, so this one isn’t entirely a myth, there are AI based tools that do make you more efficient. Like the time one of my kids asked me what kind of plant this was when we were out on a walk; a quick snap using the Picture. This app and a few seconds later we knew it was a “Common milkwort”! Brilliant! (Though whether we’ll ever…

Data Myths: 3 – AI can untangle my data

Around 15 years ago Autonomy claimed this but it turned out to be a myth. In reality this is a really really hard problem for AI to solve. Here’s why, and then I’ll talk about some of the ways you can at least speed it up.

Data Myths: 2 – A data lake will solve all my digital problems

Getting new digital functionality working is complicated, especially when it involves integrating to existing systems from different vendors. The idea of copying all this data into a single ‘data lake’ is very attractive; everything will be in one place, your architecture drawings looks really clean, you don’t need to worry about how to connect to legacy systems or overloading them, the performance should be blisteringly fast.…