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Digital Consulting

Our Consultant Engineers love a challenge and have been architecting complex digital solutions for the last 20 years. We can help you address and solve the most challenging digitalisation problems taking advantage of the latest technology adapted in the context of your existing systems.  Find out more about our tailored Digital Consulting service below.

Table of Contents

Digital Project Architecture

We know how to deliver digital projects in industrial environments.  We know what it takes to get systems working against real data and can help you structure your digital projects to make sure they work and deliver value.

If you know what you want to deliver, we can help you define the roles and skill sets your team needs, what the sequence of activities is to deliver fully integrated and validated systems.

Digital Assessments And Roadmaps

We carry out vendor independent audits for in-flight digitalisation programmes and report on deliverability.  We can also help you define a technology roadmap that will take your organisation to where you want it to be.

Related to Ingenuity

We provide design services around our Ingenuity platform to define and specify new features and functionality including;

  • UI design
  • Application architecture
  • Data modelling & graph ontologies
  • API design
  • Interface definitions
  • Product Fit Analysis
  • Workflow automation
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