Custom Development

Transforming business with properly engineered solutions for every challenge.

Custom development

Our Consultant Engineers love a challenge and have been delivering digital solutions via custom development projects for the last 20 years. We can help you address and solve the most challenging digitalisation problems taking advantage of the latest technology adapted in the context of your existing systems.

Table of Contents

Integrated Dashboards

Elegant web dashboards for public displays. 

Get an overview of everything going on in under 30 secs.  See live information from your assets, KPIs, ongoing activities, weather forecasts, alerts etc.  Combine data from multiple systems into one online portal.

Intelligent caching means the system can scale without putting load on the source systems.

Web Applications

From turning a spreadsheet into an app to a fully featured application to support a whole workflow, we know how to build software for professional use.

We build modern web applications and follow agile development methodologies.

Digital Interfaces and Data Connectors

As well as our own library of data connectors, we can built custom interfaces between systems or web APIs for a service based architecture. 

We deal with Oracle, SAP, SQLServer, MySQL, Neo4j, MongoDb, OPC, XML, WITSML among others.

Mobile Apps

We develop mobile apps in iOS and Android.  We can integrate WearML from RealWear for use in wearable devices. 

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