Decision Bridge Technology – A song is more than a riff

Did you ever learn to play "Sweet child of mine" on the guitar? Like almost every other teenager who had a guitar I learned the opening riff to "Sweet child of mine" and I remember playing it in a guitar shop when I was testing out an amp, only to have one of the staff point to a sign on the wall that said anyone playing "sweet child of mine" would be thrown out the shop and told never to return!

Riffs are catchy and they are the bits we remember but you can’t play a gig on just riffs.  Real musicians can play the whole song.   

Dashboards are just the opening riff.  We created DecisionBridge technology because to deliver digital transformation projects that really work you have to take it all the way to a decision and an action – you have to play the whole song. 

The whole song includes all the in-between spaces that no-one realises are there until you try and play it yourself.  The bit where the guitarist is in the background letting the singer to shine.   

Decision Bridge technology lets you put everything together into a complete work process that makes your people more efficient. 

Let me give you an example.  The operations leaders in an oil production company meet every morning to review the performance from yesterday and look ahead to today.  They use a spreadsheet of charts and KPIs across production, safety, environment and planned work.  They make notes against these and any other notable activities coming up, they raise actions and review forecasts then email the spreadsheet round to a wider audience.  A subset of this information is also copied to a separate Word document and sent to group HQ. 

It looks like a dashboard to start with but its actually a whole work process.  You can’t replace the whole thing with just a dashboarding package like PowerBI or Graphing, because that’s only the riff.  You need something that can play the whole song. 

DecisionBridge Technology contains templating technology that allows you to convert a dashboard into a report, with interactive manual entry.  Then create multiple versions of that report with different parts of the content and then distribute these versions to different audiences across different mediums like email and mobile alerts.  Decision Bridge technology lets you play the whole song. 


To find out how decision bridge technology can help you, please get in contact, we would love to hear from you!  

written by

Murray Callander

posted on

September 2, 2020

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