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What is

DecisionBridge is Eigen’s technology for helping you move faster from a decision to an action.
DecisionBridge technology is a collection of features that let you make and record decisions and then take action.  Seeing information is nice, but you then need to work with it, decide what to do and then do it.

DecisionBridge technology is the bridge between the information and the action. It lets you take the next step instantly; record, share, report or go to another system.

Why do
you need it?

For the last 30 years industry has been run on spreadsheets, presentations and email.  The term “dashboards” is everywhere but it’s only the first step in the process.  Too often the next steps involve screenshots and data exports to make reports in office tools.

DecisionBridge technology lets you eliminate the custom spreadsheets and the daily emails; it lets you make an interactive dashboard that takes you to the next step in the process; it lets you automate the creation and distribution of regular reports; it lets you find information from other systems and then, in 1-click, create new page and collaborate with others.

“Technology only delivers value if it drives a decision;
either a better decision or the right decision quicker”

Murray Callander – Eigen CEO

Our approach

Eigen was formed by a team of engineers who understand
operations and computers.

We are passionate about delivering Intelligent Operations and Digitalisation into the companies we work with.
Our products and services empower organisations to work efficiently and operate safely within their environments.
Over the years we have created a way of working which enables us to:

Engage with you to discover and understand the problem you would like to solve.

Build high quality solutions using our agile delivery process.

Deliver the solutions into your business to transform the way you and your team operate.

Provide ongoing support and continuous improvement to ensure that our software always works for you.

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DecisionBridge Technology

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