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Morning Meetings Managed

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Automate the information capture and distribution for regular meetings and reports

Every rig. Every day. Everybody; the same morning status meeting and the same laborious (but essential) outputs to be shared. But it doesn’t have to be like that. With Digital Meetings from Eigen, you can take care of the face-to-face updates, while Digital Meetings takes care of the wider announcements.

Collaboration between teams is essential on rigs, so your participation and concentration during the face-to-face meetings is key. This is why there’s only a simple form to complete as you talk, then Digital Meetings will alert the right people, with the right information, through the right channel. You can get on with your day confident that your colleagues are expertly briefed.

Digital Meetings even archives the information into Eigen’s Ingenuity platform. You can be sure that what you learned this year, is available for the new teams next year and beyond.

One meeting – multiple versions

Manage and distribute multiple versions of the meeting output from one template.

Preparing for meetings is time consuming.  Locating information from different sources, extracting and manipulating the data all takes time. 

With Digital Meetings from Eigen you can populate your meeting template with a single click.

During a meeting, content can be reviewed, edited and formatting applied using the text entry tool.  

Users create and maintain their own templates so it is easy to support internally.