Automate the information capture and distribution for daily and weekly meetings


the challenge

The information capture and report creation for the regular morning and weekly meetings was manual and time consuming , which was an inefficient user senior leaders time.  It required collecting information from different systems and manually typing it into a Word document, plus later creating several versions of this report for different audiences


what we did

Using the Ingenuity Platform we configured an online meeting template that automatically captures the information from different systems for the date selected.  Participants can enter comments (and see the comments from the previous day), and when ready, the chairman can generate and distribute different versions of the report, with different subsets of the content, to different audiences by email, url and/or to the users Mobile Monitor app.


the outcome

Morning meetings are much faster and more enjoyable as there is less time spent by the OIM and onshore Production managers entering data.  There is a complete online history of all the reports that those with the right permissions can access.

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