Eigen and Wintershall DEA agree a long term digitalisation partnership:

I’m really excited about the long term partnership we have recently signed with Wintershall Dea for a number of reasons not least because it’s a great team and we have a lot of fun working together!

There are a lot of very smart people on the project, we are all going to learn a lot.  In a big industry like Oil and Gas, every asset has its unique challenges because of the combination of geology and commercial agreements and so work process have evolved around these.  Before we can deliver a technology that works, we need to fully understand what the business needs to do to win in their environment.

I know the users will be happy because we are working in a fully agile way.  Every agile project I’ve worked on has ended up delivering more functionality to a higher quality for the available budget.  It requires a lot of trust between the parties though and an openness in communicating about progress and costs, but when it works there is such a positive atmosphere that they are the best projects to be part of.  Very few things make me happier than hearing positive feedback from users!

UX and UI design are an integral part.  It’s always been important to us that things look good and we spend a lot of time making sure that’s the case as it’s doesn’t happen by magic.  It’s an art rather than a science.  In the last 4 years User Experience and User Interface design have come a long way and we are really excited to be using the latest tools and methods to take our applications to the next level.

And finally, for me personally it is significant because these are challenges Eigen exists to overcome – the very reason I created Ingenuity was because I worked as a Process Engineer analysing data from the field and trying to understand what was going on, but I spent a lot of my time finding data, reading P&IDs to understand the context and then manipulating it in Excel.  So it feels like, 10 years on, we are really helping to solve that problem now and have a platform that is helping to make people and companies more efficient.

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written by

Murray Callander

posted on

October 12, 2020

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