Five key features of Eigen Ingenuity that make Remote Working such a breeze

Not all process real time visualisation and collaboration tools are created equal. Always taking advantage of the latest digital technologies, Eigen Ingenuity exhibits five key features that make working remotely, working from home and working from anywhere, much easier.
Eigen Ingenuity - Five key features that make Remote Working such a Breeze

#1 Web-based and accessible from any device. So what, you may ask? Many tools are web-enabled nowadays. Yes, but Ingenuity renders beautifully on small displays, such that they can really be used and users love them. Unlike other tools which require a desktop for more complex operations, Ingenuity users can also configure calculations, alerts and create display content from any device. 

#2 Access to a wide variety of data types. Users of Ingenuity have connected to a wide variety of data sources: not only real time process data, but also workorders, appointments in calendars, flight information, POs, requisitions, safety observations and these can be configured to trigger alerts when actions are required by users. 

#3 Users can create and share their own content. After setting a few standard displays the customer and a couple of days of training, a team of engineers started creating their own dashboards focused on sand monitoring and reservoir monitoring which included  trends, KPI gauges and sparklines. Another customer configured a “My Important Stuff” personal page with links to four different data sources. Once they get going, users keep configuring their own dashboards as they explore their information needs to support new and efficient ways of working. All this content is web enabled and can be shared on any messaging app and commented on by any other user. 

Five key features of Eigen Ingenuity that make Remote Working such a breeze

#4 Mobile Monitor, the Ingenuity Mobile App keeps users informed on the go. Alerts, events and operational reports get delivered to the mobile app and can give an audible signal to make us aware of situations wherever we are.  A historical record of official reports are kept neatly organised by type and date; so it’s really easy to go back and check on previous reports.

#5 Secure access from anywhere. Since Ingenuity is cloud-native, which takes care of access control and security, it can be accessed from anywhere, allowing greater flexibility and dispensing from the need to connect to the company VPN. 

The new normal is to be able to #RemoteWork efficiently from anywhere on any device. Organisations need the best tools to do so. 

written by

Joel Chacon

posted on

June 22, 2020

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