How Ingenuity makes it easier to collaborate when working from home

“It’s so cool, I can actually access live data and monitor my systems from home, on my Mac!”

That might not seem like a big deal but for one of the team of engineers responsible for the oil production from one of the oldest oil producing platforms in Norway, this is fantastic progress and just in time too, because they were about to be forced to work from home thanks to the Coronavirus.

Unlike other process data visualisation tools, Ingenuity from Eigen was designed to be deployed in the cloud and make working with your data fun. The platform lets you visualise data in your existing systems, investigate further and collaborate. If an engineer monitoring the process notices something fishy, they can click and trend, zoom in or out, expand or compress the time slot, add more trends, configure calculations on the fly, save the trend as a new page and share it with others via text or email.

Where spreadsheets used to be the norm has now been digitally transformed as colleagues can add their comments on any shared page; and very soon the page can form part of a growing Knowledge Base of identified process issues. And even better, the Eigen Ingenuity platform can be accessed from any device, as our happy Mac user realised!

As an engineer, you know which are the critical process variables and the limits beyond which you want to be immediately notified. It may also be necessary to perform a calculation before triggers are set.

For example one client is using Ingenuity to monitor the blow down conditions vs a Pressure-Temperature (PT) curve that may lead to an unsafe situation in the plant; the alert is set to trigger when the blowdown valves open, and then a snapshot of the pressure and temperature is taken to calculate the operating point. If found to be below the PT curve, it automatically sends an alert for further investigation.

Users of Ingenuity routinely configure their own calculations to get results, even of historical data on the fly and set their own alarm limits. Once user limits are set, alarm and events can be delivered straight to the Mobile Monitor App in their Smartphone, which will also have the latest reports and trends of interest. And users know that all of this activity will not drain their battery, because of the clever way data is pushed to devices.

Eigen Ingenuity users are staying efficient and productive while #WorkingFromHome!

Can your Vision tool do that?

written by

Joel Chacon

posted on

May 11, 2020

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