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Out of the box Solution

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Lets get to know you!

Providing you with an out of the box Eigen solution has never been easier. The first step will be to complete our Install checklist, which enables us to understand and gain access to your cloud environment aswell as a number of other key areas of information, such as connecting to your data source.

We are ready to deliver!

As soon as our Install checklist is complete, we are ready to deliver the Eigen Solution into your environment.

Your out of the box
solution has arrived!

You are now ready to get going and use the solution. This is a perfect time to get used to the product, assess it’s return and deliver strong business value. If you need us for any future developments to the product, we will always be here to assist.

Supporting you
every step of the way!

Long after your solution has been delivered, you may need to train new and existing team members. Our Support portal is on hand with training videos and user manuals to support you as you grow with your new solution.

Bespoke Solution

Eigen was formed by a team of engineers who understand operations and computers.

We are passionate about delivering Intelligent Operations and Digitalisation into the companies we work with.

Our products and services empower organisations to work efficiently and operate safely within their environments, whilst bringing data to the very people who need it, at the right time, to make effective decisions, transforming the way businesses operate.

Over the years we have created a way of working which enables us to:

  • Engage with you to discover and understand the problem you would like to solve, influenced by design thinking principles.
  • Build High Quality Solutions using our agile delivery process.
  • Deliver the solutions into your business to transform the way you and your team operate.
  • Provide ongoing support and continuous improvement to ensure that our software always works for you.

step 1


Are you ready to start the next step in your business journey?

The Eigen discovery process uses key aspects from design thinking to identify the problem to be solved, the business goal to be met and the value to be realised. Our discovery process works best as a focussed workshop with follow up and actions. It’s a great first step in our partnership and ensures that the Eigen solution we deliver for you is not only fit for purpose but will bring benefits to your business for years to come.

step 2


Let the build stage begin!

During the build stage, our team of talented developers will begin work on creating your Eigen software product. Using Agile as our development path, the team will develop and deliver through a number of sprint iterations. Agile is a fantastic way to ensure that your Eigen software product is aligned with your business requirements, every step of the way.

step 3


Your Eigen Software Product has landed!

Upon the completion of the build stage, the delivery stage will be managed through our Dev Ops process. We will release your Eigen software product into your chosen environment, working closely with your IT and Business teams.

step 4


By your side, every step of the way!

The final step in our process is the support stage, where we ensure that the solution we have built for you continues to deliver value long into the future.