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Ingenuity is a platform that connects on top of existing systems to link information together, provide context and a home for building new capabilities. Fuse information together from disparate systems to reveal new insights and speed up decision making.

With engineering reports, schematics, KPIs and other documentation scattered across disparate databases and filing cabinets, you need a bloodhound to find the information critical to your job. That’s where Ingenuity comes in.
Create digital dashboards that tie into your existing systems, even allowing digitisation of hard-copy assets, Ingenuity from Eigen puts critical information at your fingertips. Pull together data sources from across your installation – SAP, Aveva, Power BI, Excel, OSISoft, etc. – into a single, easy-to-use, one-stop shop.
Call up information, create alerts, build graphs and charts, and share across your network as easily as online shopping. With the exclusive Mobile Search function, you can even delve into your data on-the-go via your tablet or smartphone. Ingenuity will shorten the time between looking and acting; and you can get back to being an amazing engineer.


Find and interact with information from other systems.

A single search portal to find information across all your functional systems. The intuitive search function in Ingenuity means you can quickly find information in connected systems.

Digital Data Model

Ingenuity has a flexible data model that stores the relationships between all your information. In one click you can find an object and then all the related information in other systems. For example, you can search for a tag and bring up Eigen’s unique Common Menu showing all the related information in other systems, such as documents, work orders, sensor data, spares and other equipment.

Digital Twins

The Digital Data Model in Ingenuity provides all the contextual information you need to turn your existing 3D model into a fully integrated Digital Twin.

By providing REST APIs for other systems to access, users can access the data in other systems through just one interface with Ingenuity.

Access the Ingenuity Data Model from your 3D model or navigate to your 3D model directly from Ingenuity. Ingenuity allows you to separate the choice of 3D visualisation from the tag database and metadata store.

User trending and KPIs

Users can generate their own dashboards and reports using the comprehensive trending and KPI tools.

Select pre-configured examples or build your own from scratch. Use data from any connected timeseries or SQL source.


The powerful online calculation module lets users create virtual data series on-the-fly.

Combine data from multiple sources in one virtual dataseries. It’s recursive too so you can build calculations from calculations. It has built in signal generators (Sin, Ramp, Saw etc.) and an intuitive ‘Drag and Drop’ UI.

Users can set limits and generate alerts just the same as ‘normal’ tags, or publish to an Alias for others to use.

User generated content

Users can easily create their own content and reports and share them with others.

The drag and drop UI lets you add diagrams, text sections, KPIs and charts.

Cloud Native

Eigen Ingenuity is fully cloud native and runs in Docker. It can be deployed on-prem or in the cloud and is backed by the latest CI/CD processes.