Online portal for Drilling Operations

Easy access to current information on drilling operations across multiple rigs


the challenge

Information on drilling activities on each rig on hire is held in multiple different systems and shared mostly via meetings and email attachments as pdfs and spreadsheets.  Inbox clutter was a problem with up to 18 different reports being emailed each day.


what we did

The Eigen Drilling Portal is a cloud-based web portal that displays current information from drilling systems, including productivity (NPT) analysis, Time-Depth curves, well status, supervisors, reports and other related information.  The intelligent email processor that automatically processes the multiple emailed reports and categorises and stores them and adds metadata.  Reports are published to a new mobile app as well as being made available in the portal with intuitive search functionality


the outcome

The time needed to understand what is currently happening on each rig and the progress against plan has been reduced to around 1 minute.  The awareness across the organisation has all been increased which has helped foster a feeling of being “one team”.  Email inbox clutter is much reduced with makes work more enjoyable and efficient.

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