Performance Monitoring using PI Vision

Set up PI AF and PI Vision for monitoring process and equipment performance on multiple assets in the UKCS


the challenge

Since 2019, Eigen has been helping the UK’s largest independent E&P Company to monitor their operations using PI Vision displays, linked to a comprehensive PI AF asset model. Their engineers knew what was required but lacked the spare time in-house to set up the system.


what we did

Because of our extensive real time visualisation experience, we quickly understood the requirement and immediately set to work.
We built a PI AF Model for 4 assets using templates where possible.
We Integrated PI formulas and analytics into the templates and a templated roll up analysis.
The result was 200+ PI vision displays, ranging from full process platform overviews to detailed equipment displays.


the outcome

Discipline engineers now have much faster access to live information and can provide realtime support to offshore teams without having to access the Control Systems. It is also helping to move towards more proactive operations because engineers are more aware of equipment performance and can act on signs of degradation early.

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