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Safety barrier health monitoring - digital reinforcement for your safeguards.

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Safety Barrier Health Monitoring by Eigen – Online monitoring of the health of your Safety Barriers and protective measures as required by the UK OGA and Norwegian PSA.

Eigen’s Safety Barrier Health Monitoring empowers users to perform effective Barrier Management, by capturing all the information necessary to assess the status of all barriers and deliver real time monitoring of barrier health and the overall risk posture.

Physical protection in heavy industry is essential, but confidence in that protection allows you to get on with the job. With Safety barrier health monitoring from Eigen, you can see the real-time effectiveness of your safeguards at a glance, wherever you are.

Safety barrier health monitoring puts a powerful and intuitive digital dashboard at your fingertips, giving you an instant overview of barrier health and operational risk. Integrating seamlessly with your existing systems, your ability to monitor, predict and solve problems increases exponentially.

Slice the data however you want, to give you the clarity you need. Safety barrier health monitoring from Eigen delivers transparency, insight and assurance for everyone from frontline engineers to boardroom overseers.

See your current risk status in realtime

A visual way to easily understand cumulative risk and drill down into the details.

Safety barrier health monitoring from Eigen connects to existing systems and updates in realtime to show you the current health of your Safety Barriers.

1-click to find out more

Understanding the status is always just one click away.

Everything is interactive. Clicking on an object brings up Eigen’s unique Common Menu showing the reason for the status and provides a link to the source data in other systems.

Other tabs in the Common Menu give instant access to related data in other systems (if they are connected) such as data historians, document stores, maintenance systems etc.

Safety Barriers Multiple Views - One source of truth

The application is built around a data model (or Digital Twin) of the barriers and other related information. The model can be viewed or “cut” in different ways to present relevant views for different people.

Status is derived from information across multiple different systems in real-time using a Digital Twin.

risk assessments

Planned Maintenance

Safety Observations

Temporary Measures


Overrides and Inhibits

Device Alerts

Corrective Measures

Safety barrier health monitoring - Calculate Cumulative Risk

Company specific aggregation rules can be defined to calculate the cumulative risk against any object in the model.

Digital Twin of your Safety Barriers

The Digital Twin is data model (graph) that describes how everything is related.  It is built as a one-off exercise from available information in other systems.  It can be added to and expanded over time.

Data Connectors

Safety barrier health monitoring from Eigen supports all typical forms of data connectors including REST APIs, RDBMS, Text files and manual entry for connecting to systems such as Maximo, SAP, Aveva Workmate, Synergi, Excel and control systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Eigen’s Safety Barrier Health Monitoring empowers users to perform effective Barrier Management, by capturing all the information necessary to assess the status of all barriers and deliver real time monitoring of barrier health and the overall risk posture.

Barriers against major accidents have always been in place in the oil and gas industry, but some major hazards have led to an increased focus on how these barriers are understood and followed up by the organisation. It is important for the operating organisation to assess, understand and develop proper barrier management in order to reduce risk exposure, prevent major accidents and achieve operational excellence.

A Safety Barrier Health Monitoring system can help visualise in real time the top risks in the facility, resulting from a combination of impaired barriers functions; the top priorities for different remediation teams; plan and execute compensating measures; address compliance with the different performance standards, and in general help users assess the overall facility risk posture and take action to improve it.

Monitoring the real time health of all the Safety Barriers for a large facility is a complex problem unsolvable without digital technology. Calculating the health of all safety barriers for all operational areas requires knowledge of the relationships between barrier elements, barrier functions, MAH areas, physical areas, systems, performance standards and other categories. It also requires direct connection to the sources of all barrier impairment and compensating measures data. Eigen’s Safety Barrier Health Monitoring technology incorporates all these elements.

Real time risk management is achieved when safety barrier impairment and compensating measures status are periodically updated from source systems of record, such as control systems, maintenance systems, safety incident records and training records to provide an up to date picture of the overall risk of the facility. An order of magnitude better than monthly updates of an Excel sheet!

Eigen’s Safety Barrier Health Monitoring system implements a true real time safety barrier risk management system.

Step 1. Define your Major Accident Hazard (MAH) areas

Step 2. Systematically identify your barriers and controls to develop the Bowtie diagrams.

Step 3. Define your Performance Standards

Step 4. Set up a Barrier Health Assessment system with all the information compiled; connect to sources of impairment and compensating measures

Step 5. Deploy the system, validate and assess risk in real time.

Safety Barrier Health Monitoring

Safety Barrier Health Monitoring


the challenge

Norway’s PSA and EU Directive 2013/30 and 2004/35 regulations require the management of Barriers to safety and environmental risks.  Var Energy’s  Goliat has over 100k equipment tags and 1,600 barriers. A solution was required to keep on top of essential safety equipment certifications, overdue maintenance and understand the risk associated to barrier degradation in order to achieve a risk-based management of barriers.


what we did

Using our Ingenuity Platform we built a Digital Twin of the Safety Barriers and associated equipment and connected this to the systems with information affecting Barrier Status, including notifications, work orders and ICSS device alerts. The data model incorporated recommendations from SINTEF on how status should be calculated based on criticality and other factors and aggregated up across barrier elements and areas


the outcome

Operations teams now have a realtime, online picture of current Safety Barrier Health which is used to help priorities activities and ensure continued safe operation.  The Norwegian PSA have commended the work and the project won an internal award within Var Energy.

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