Safety Barrier Health Monitoring

Safety Barrier Health Monitoring


the challenge

Norway’s PSA and EU Directive 2013/30 and 2004/35 regulations require the management of Barriers to safety and environmental risks.  Var Energy’s  Goliat has over 100k equipment tags and 1,600 barriers. A solution was required to keep on top of essential safety equipment certifications, overdue maintenance and understand the risk associated to barrier degradation in order to achieve a risk-based management of barriers.


what we did

Using our Ingenuity Platform we built a Digital Twin of the Safety Barriers and associated equipment and connected this to the systems with information affecting Barrier Status, including notifications, work orders and ICSS device alerts. The data model incorporated recommendations from SINTEF on how status should be calculated based on criticality and other factors and aggregated up across barrier elements and areas


the outcome

Operations teams now have a realtime, online picture of current Safety Barrier Health which is used to help priorities activities and ensure continued safe operation.  The Norwegian PSA have commended the work and the project won an internal award within Var Energy.