Screen Presenter; Share Information throughout your company and eliminate inbox clutter

Screen Presenter converts your existing reports into an online slideshow available on your intranet and include information from multiple sources.  Keep your existing workflow but avoid the need to email files to the whole company​.

With Screen Presenter you can easily convert presentations and other reports into online slideshows

Using email to keep your teams updated is so 2008!  But the reality is that making reports in Powerpoint is still one of the easiest ways to do it; most people can use it, it’s completely flexible and everyone if familiar with the process.  But sending it out over email means hundreds of copies of every report filling up peoples hard drives.​

If only it was possible to keep the first part of the process but get rid of the email?  Well now it is!  With Screen Presenter from Eigen you can easily combine your presentations, pdf, images and any online content into a live online slideshow. 

Do I need any coding skills for Screen Presenter?

Nope!  All users have to be able to do is to save files to a folder you nominate and Screen Presenter does the rest.

Can I edit the slide duration?

Yes.  Users can set the duration and zoom level of each slide.

What happens if I update the content?

No problem, the slide show is live and will pick up your change instantly

What if I have sensitive information?

Screen Presenter can be integrated with you Active Directory to control access.  It can also be hosted on-prem or in the cloud.  This improves security because there are now no files sitting in people’s inboxes that could be emailed outside of the company.

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