Stop the copy-paste craze!

If you are being tasked with creating reports for management on a daily or weekly basis, you are probably extracting real time data into Excel, adding manual figures, performing calculations (efficiency, availability, etc.) and then plotting the results.

You probably then copy and paste the graphs and other data tables into a suitable format in Word or Powerpoint; upload to a folder or print as PDF for distribution via email. 

You will need to continue expanding the time range into the future and doing the same over and over every week… It is becoming a big burden on your time, not to mention handing over to a colleague all the tips and tricks before you go on holidays. 

Is there a better way to do this? 

This is the story of a certain Reliability Engineer and Eigen Ingenuity user. We will call him Olle. 

Olle was exhausted of his repetitive weekly tasks of creating the plant availability report: extracting real time production data in Excel, adding plant downtime data and potential, calculating the production efficiency,  plan efficiency, on-demand availability and on-stream availability both as actual month percentage and as a year-to-date (YTD) average. Even though the figures are only compiled on a monthly basis, management wanted the figures updated every week. Every new month required the creation of new fields (new Excel columns) and initialising the calculations. Once the graphs were generated in Excel, Olle dutifully copy-pasted them into Powerpoint and emailed the report… “A robot could do this”, he often thought. 

When Olle heard of Digital Meetings he decided to give it a try. The template for the weekly availability report was configured to his specifications with clear and informative trend lines and bar charts. Now every week, he just enters the production deferment figure manually and the report is generated and emailed with one click: All real time data samples are captured automatically and frozen for the report; and all average, efficiency, availability and YTD calculations are done automatically in the background by the Ingenuity Calculation Engine. 

On a monthly basis only the new month set-up values need to be configured and it’s back to happy one-click weekly report generation. 

Olle has more time now for more productive tasks. He can spend his time analysing how to improve plant availability, understanding the root causes, and making plans for improvement instead using his valuable time in dull repetitive tasks.  

Stop the copy-paste craze; unleash your engineer’s ability to transform your organisation. 

written by

Joel Chacon

posted on

June 11, 2020

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