Well rate estimation & surveillance

Convert a spreadsheet forest to an online, realtime workflow with alerting and mobile visibility


the challenge

The daily well rate estimation for an NCS asset was a time consuming manual process involving multiple custom spreadsheets.  It took up too much valuable engineering time, it was hard to understand and open to error.


what we did

We built a digital twin of the wells and related equipment and connected it to the source systems as well as a new source for storing manual inputs.  We then converted the spreadsheets into online, realtime calculations and built a set of input screens and templated dashboards that automated the information capture and sped up the whole process.  We set up alerts and configured access via the Eigen Mobile Monitor app.


the outcome

A manually intensive 4 hours process has been reduced to less than 30 minutes and the process runs in realtime and is auditable.  Shared awareness throughout the company has improved.

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